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Videos and Pictures of 16 March Attack in Bahrain

Last Update: 7:54AM (+3 GMT)
Very Crucial Videos and Pictures of 16 March (Bahrain)

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اذا لا يكمنك ضغط الرابط، انسخه

Shot fired by the army on an unarmed protester 16 March

Army takes over the Salamnya Hospital – Bahrain 16 March

Budaiya Bahrain Health Centre 16 March

Ahmed Abdulla Hassan Martyr from Karanah 21 years old -16 March

Video of Police hitting and kidnapping a young man in Sitra-Bahrain yesterday 15 March

Video showing Police Vandalizing Public property and cars. So they can claim that protesters have on Bahrain Local TV

Video and Picture of an infant who was shot by birds gun (Left hands) and was hurt by poisoned gas used by the army today on 16 March

Pictures show Saudi Army enter Salamnya Hospital in Bahrain 16 March

3 Videos showing the attack on Lulu roundabout in Bahrain morning of 16 March

Clear Vdieo showing attack on Lulu Roundabout 16 march (You need Facebook)

March 16: Injured in Budaiya Health Center, Bahrain

Unclear Video in Budaiya March 16 morning but shows the heavy gunfire use

Very clear Video shows army attack  behind lulu roundabout in Bahrain March 16,

Video in Budaiya road showing the army and helicopters 16 March

Video shows The army shoots at a camera man near lulu roundabout 16 March

BBC Arabic Report on today’s incidents 16 March (with new videos)

Video showing Bahrain helicopter firing gun indiscriminately

Video shows clashes of 16 March

Video of army taking control of Sitra main road Bahrain

Video shows police attacking camera men 16 March

Video of the father of Farhan Ahmed  Martyr  who was martyred in the jacket 15 3 2011


Update at 11PM (GMT+3) on Wed 16 March 
تحديث الصور و المريئات

7 فيديوات لإعتصام الكويتيين أمام سفارة البحرين إستنكارا للمجازر والأمن يطوق السفارة
Videos of Kuwait Protests in Bahrain Embassy in Kuwait on 16 March

3  Videos of Omani Protests in Bahrain Embassy (Oman) 16 March
فيديوات لإعتصام العمانيين أمام السفارة البحرينية للتضامن مع الشعب البحريني

ثلاثة فيديوات لمظاهرات (صفوى) لنصرة الشعب البحريني
Video of Saudi protests in Saudi Safwa (16 March)

المواجهات التي حصلت في ستره امس ١٥ مارس
Confrontation that occurred yesterday 15 March in Sitra Bahrain

Update at 11:55PM (GMT+3) on Wed 16 March 
تحديث الصور و المريئات

Army and Riot Police as they come (City Centre Side)

The attack
ضرب المعتصم
Hitting the protester

الفضيحه الكبرى تبين حرق الخيام من متلثمين و عدد ايضا من صور التخريب من قبل الشرطه 16 مارس
Pictures showing the army and police vandalizing and burning tents

فيديو لقوات الشغب وهي تطلق النار على الشباب من الاجياب في قرية سترة
Video of the attack in Sita 15/3/11, Police shooting while there in their cars

clashes in Bahrain 16.03.2011 

اشتباكات في البحرين

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